Doorworks GDC6/ GDC12

Available in 2 models, D.C. motor for Sectional & Tilt Doors

Key Product Features
  • Complies with AS/NZS 60335-2-95
  • Faster opening and closing time
  • Soft start / Soft close
  • Belt drive
  • Easy setup & remote coding
  • Superior safety reversing
  • Wireless wall control
  • Comes with x2 remotes and x1 wall control

Key Product Specifications


Model DoorWorks GDC6/GDC12
Electrical Rating AC: 220-240V – 50HZ, ~1A, ~200W
Motor DC: 24V Brush, 600/100Nmm
Lifting Capacity 35kg Balanced Door
Travel Rate 150mm/s Approx
Maximum Door Size GDC6 – 14m2 / GDC12 18m2
Travel /Force Adjustments Digital Controls
Courtesy Light LED Array, 4.5minutes
Transmitter Frequency 433MHz
Operation Range 50M (open field)
Coding Type Fixed Code
Transmitter Battery 12V A23 Alkaline x1
Safety Features Soft open & close. Safety reverse on closing, Auto stop on opening.
Temperature Range -20 ° C – +50 ° C
Dimensions 411mm (L) x 212mm (W) x 175mm (H)
Weight 5kg Approx
Driving System 2.4M C-Rail Belt

Wireless Wall Control

Open and close your garage door wirelessly.

WiFi Camera

View, record and control your garage door all on your smart phone.

Wireless Keypad

Digital keypad can be programmed for maximum security. Includes backlight.

Emergency Key Release

Used in case of malfunction or power failure, especially useful if there is no other access to the garage