Tips on buying your new Garage Door

Tip #1
Always check the origin of the steel you are buying, ask your sales rep if it is New Zealand colour steel that you are purchasing. A lot of imported steels are not zincalume based and can rust or delaminate very quickly, it is important in New Zealand with our weather conditions to buy the right steel that will last the distance and that is why Windsor Doors use New Zealand made steel from a trusted New Zealand company.
Tip #2
If you live near to the sea or in a sea spray zone think of purchasing aluminium or aluminium composite. Although it is slightly more expensive it will give you the best protection against the elements.
Tip #3
Check steel doors are finger safe, this technology has safety and weather advantages.
Tip #4

Windsor Doors recommends embossed steel for roll formed door profiles. The embossment on the panels acts as a disguise for any marks that may occur over time e.g. stones flicking up as you drive away.

Tip #5

If you require a smooth door we recommend going for .75mm or .95mm folded steel. These are more reliable than the light gauge products some times used.

Tip #6

When buying cedar doors we suggest doors to be stained with CD50 prior to install and every 8-12month after.

Tip #7

INSULATION- do you need it? Do you sleep in your garage? Have you made allowance for the higher levels of condensation? If not we do not recommend it. Many imported products contain harmful chemicals. If you do need an insulated door, it is a must to make sure you are buying quality New Zealand steel and insulation products. Please ask your Windsor Doors representative for options.