Roller Door Opener – RD2

For Roller Doors

Key Product Features
  • Soft start/ close operation
  • Compact design
  • 1.2 million transmitter code combinations
  • Suitable for single or double doors up to 16m2
  • Comes with 2 remotes and a wireless wall remote

Key Product Specifications

Electrical Rating: Input – AC 240V 50Hz Current – 2A Power – 100W
Motor: Type – DC 24V Single Phase
Recommended Lifting Forces: Max. Lifting force – 60kg. Rated Lifting force – 40kg
Door Travel: Door travel rate – 135mm/sec
Door travel limits – max 4.5 turns of door drum approx.
Max door height – 3.5m Max door weight – 80kg (spring balanced)
Courtesy Light: Light Source – 6 x ultra Bright LEDs Lighting time – 2.5 minutes
Transmitter: Frequency – 433mHz

Emergency Key Release

Used in case of malfunction or power failure, especially useful if there is no other access to the garage

Photo Eye

For added safety this allows the door to automatically reverse when it’s sensory light beam is broken by obstruction

Wireless wall mounted remote

Remote Handset

Comes with two or three buttons which act as multi- function hand transmitters.  It can also be programmed to open different doors or gates on the one-handset.

Wireless Keypad

Weatherproof digital keypad with cover which can be programmed with codes from 1 – 6 digits, for maximum security. In- cludes back-light for your convenience when used in poor lighting situations.